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The Interpretype Speech-to-Text Communicator is perfect for hearing people that wish to communicate with Deaf individuals using text or their voice. STC2.0 Gen4 includes all the features from the original C2.0 system; face-to-face text communication, connectivity to VRS or VRI, plus the addition of the world’s most accurate speech recognition software.


The STC2.0 Gen 4 includes 2 Interpretype computers featuring 11.6 inch screens, Windows OS,Internal Bluetooth, Interpretype software with Lecture Automation, Speech Recognition software, an approved Lavalier microphone and the Interpretype custom carrying case.


Interpretype Speech to Text couldn't be easier to use. Just turn on the Lecture feature and pick up the wireless microphone and begin speaking. There is no voice training necessary. Just speak with confidence knowing every word is being converted into text and streamed instantly to the Interpretype Client computer. Anyone in the room can pick up the microphone and begin speaking. And the accuracy is a good as you can speak. You can also project the conversation onto a large screen for an entire audience to see in larger settings.

Two-Way Communication

Interpretype Lecture Automation enables Deaf individuals to interact with the conversation by simply typing on the Interpretype Client computer. A Deaf individual can easily participate in a classroom or work group environment. Additionally, all text can be saved for printing or deleted as desired. Interpretype provides a verbatim transcript including questions and answers, which can reduce the requirement for notetakers or interpreters

Long Distance conversations

Webcams are integral to every Interpretype computer along with the software to enable a sign language video conversation anywhere in the world. And, by connecting to a Video Relay Service (VRS), users can call anyone on a cell phone or land line.

Using the included lavalier microphone along with Skype or Facebook Video Chat, users can connect to Video Remote Interpreting services for face-to-face or group VRI sessions.

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