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Interpretype STC2.0 Speech-to-Text Communicator

A fully automated, real-time, interactive captioning system.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Interpretype Speech-to-Text Communicator is perfect for Deaf students in a classroom. The STC2.0 includes 2 Interpretype computers featuring 11.6 inch screens, Windows OS, internal Bluetooth and Dragon Naturally Speaking with an approved wireless headset.


Interpretype Speech to Text is enabled in a few brief steps. Establish your personal voice profile just by reading a single paragraph. Next, enable the Interpretype Lecture Automation feature. Then begin your lecture with confidence knowing every word is being converted to text and streamed in real time to the Interpretype Client computer. You can also project the lecture onto a large screen for the entire audience to see.

Interactive Captioning

Interpretype Lecture Automation enables a Deaf student to ask and answer questions by simply typing to the speaker. A Deaf student can easily participate in the classroom environment. Additionally, all words that appear on the screen can be saved for printing as desired. Students can have a verbatim transcript of the lecture including questions and answers, which can reduce the requirement for notetakers.

Standard Features

The Interpretype STC2.0 also includes all the features of the C2.0; a carrying case, face-to-face text communication program, and connectivity to VRS or VRI.

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