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"Interpretype has radically improved my life and creates an ease in communication when working with my accountant, lawyer, doctor, medical staff, banker, car salesman, pharmacist; the list goes on and on. Interpretype puts us on equal footing by allowing for face to face communication. It gives us a new comfort level and allows for relationships to develop. My wife and I could not fathom living without Interpretype in our daily lives, to fulfill our communication needs."

—David & Sofia Seitchik, Deaf users in NYC

"Developing an equitable and supportive workplace, which reflects the diversity of the communities in which BMO lives and does business, are objectives that are explicitly aligned with strategic initiatives from the top. Most importantly, a workplace where all employees have a voice".

—BMO Financial Group

"Interpretype enables us to provide our deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors a more enjoyable experience. They truly feel welcomed."

—Marc Check, Director of Technology, Rochester Museum and Science Center

"Interpretype has been a great selling tool for Mac's II. Before investing in the ITY™ we had a few deaf student and faculty customers from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf which is located just around the corner from us. Since we began using Interpretype we have added many happy new customers and have seen our sales grow as a result."

—Kevin Bates, Service Manager, Mac's II

"Hello! We have Interpretype in our workforce office here in Marshalltown and in our Grinnell office. It is so nice to use! We have even used it when a sign language interpreter was unable to be present for a job interview due to inclement weather. The employer and the applicant, who was deaf, were able to communicate using the Interpretype..."

—KStarla Elsberry, Disability Program Navigator, Iowa Workforce Development Center