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Interpretype has had dramatic success in improving communication in the Medical environment since it was first launched. It has been used by Doctors, nurses, and administration staff to aid in communication with patients, visitors and family members.

Note: It is extremely important to preface this entire discussion by clarifying that Interpretype is not intended to replace sign language interpreters. It is intended to fill the void in communication that exists as indicated below:

Interpretype is designed to fill the gap when:

  • Interpreters are not readily available
  • A 24/7 communication solution is needed
  • A permanent and/or portable solution is needed
  • Conversations are spontaneous (unplanned)
  • Conversations are too short or infrequent to require an interpreter
  • Both parties prefer privacy, documentation or english text

Below is a brief outline of the benefits provided by Interpretype in healthcare:

  • Patient registration desk for communicating with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing patients upon arrival for a Doctors visit.
  • Healthcare bursars office to assist in a patients medical finances.
  • Emergency department check-in. Interpretype is ideal for short, urgent communication with hospital officials. Simple questions, answers and information can be easily exchanged instantly. Letting a Deaf patient know that an interpreter has been paged for them and to offer them some ice or a wheelchair may be enough information to make a huge difference in the patient's experience.
  • Nurses can use a portable set of ITY™'s for pre-examination screenings and initial patient questions.
  • Doctors can have private consultations when agreed upon with the patient without a third party in the room.
  • Information can be printed and signed if desired by the Doctor and patient. This way there is no mistake in what was advised or asked and documentation is complete as soon as the conversation is ended.
  • Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing patients can have an ITY™ cart (a dedicated rolling cart containing a pair of ITY™ devices) delivered to their room for their entire stay at the hospital. Anyone helping this patient can communicate with them instantly without an interpreter being there 24/7. This ITY™ cart could be housed on every floor or nurses station.
  • The ITY™ cart could be used for mechanically ventilated patients (intubated) patients. These people are not deaf and don't know sign language yet are unable to speak. They can hear fine and with Interpretype can communicate with hospital staff or visitors perfectly. Many times, intubated patients are involved in life changing decisions and are unable to communicate adequately. Interpretype is an ideal solution to this problem.
  • Pharmacies have seen great results using Interpretype. With the advent of HIPAA compliance, privacy of conversations is paramount. Interpretype is completely private, much more so than sign language which anyone can see, and even more private than verbal which anyone in close proximity can hear.
  • ITY™ devices are also being used by hospitals for visitors at information desks. Displaying Interpretype for Deaf people who may not be patients has many benefits as well. It elevates the Medical facility to a status of being Deaf-friendly. This has a positive effect on the perception of Deaf people as well as hearing people.

A New Baby:

In February 2003, a Deaf husband and his ready to deliver Deaf wife arrived at the hospital at 3:00 AM. The Obstetrician met them there and requested a staff interpreter. Although the hospital is known to provide excellent interpreting, there were no interpreters available at that hour of the morning. Realizing the dilemma of not being able to communicate with the mother or father, the doctor remembered that there was an Interpretype at the main desk of the hospital and had seen it used. He immediately ran down to the main desk and took the Interpretype back to the delivery room. Communication channels were now open and the delivery went perfectly. The Deaf couple sent an email to the Interpretype office thanking us for providing such a product.