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Government agencies across the United States have had dramatic success with Interpretype in both internal (employee) and external (public) uses. Since it is the government that creates the regulations by which we must abide, it is the government that also must do its best to set the example of compliance with these regulations. Disability coordinators, section 508 administrators and those wishing to meet ADA compliance are all looking toward Interpretype for solutions.

Interpretype can help bring government agencies into compliance with ADA and Section 508 requirements by providing an out-of-the-box solution for individuals with certain disabilities. Interpretype can be utilized in several areas to aid in communication among hearing and deaf individuals, speech impaired individuals or anyone in need of a non-verbal face-to-face solution. Whether it's helping employees communicate better with each other, helping customers at a walk-up counter, or providing a tool for an employee to communicate instantly anywhere, Interpretype is the answer.

Many Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing government employees now have Interpretype connected to their workstations. Hearing coworkers can easily stop by and have important or casual conversations with these employees. Deaf government employees are enthusiastically responding to Interpretype.

Comments from government employees include:

  • "I feel like I'm in the loop now."
  • "I wouldn't want to do my job without it (Interpretype)."
  • "I can communicate with co-workers right at my desk or take my Interpretype to a conference room at a moments notice."
  • "I will never let them take away my Interpretype!"

Some agencies have adopted Interpretype to solve their customer service issues as well. Deaf employees are using Interpretype at walk-up customer windows, security personnel use it for communication during security screenings, and some agencies are using it at reception, billing or reference counters. Wherever Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing or Speech Disabled individuals need to communicate with hearing individuals, Interpretype is the instant solution.