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Interpretype helps bring organizations into compliance with ADA requirements by providing an out-of-the-box solution for individuals with certain disabilities. Interpretype can be utilized in several areas to aid in communication among hearing and deaf individuals, speech impaired individuals or anyone in need of a non-verbal face-to-face solution. Whether it's helping employees communicate better with each other, helping customers at a walk-up counter, or providing a tool for an employee to communicate instantly anywhere, Interpretype is the answer.

Below is a brief summary of the ADA requirement and the solution offered by Interpretype:

ADA Section 36.303 basically requires that a public accommodation shall take the necessary steps to ensure that no individual with a disability shall be treated differently due to the absence of auxiliary aids and services. Interpretype can be part of your organizations solution to satisfying the auxiliary aids and services requirement.

The ADA clarifies its position through an analysis of Section 36.303(c) in which it directly recommends the use of a device such as Interpretype:

"It is not difficult to imagine a wide range of communications involving areas such as health, legal matters, and finances that would be sufficiently lengthy or complex to require an interpreter for effective communication. In some situations, an effective alternative to use of a notepad or an interpreter may be the use of a computer terminal upon which the representative of the public accommodation and the customer or client can exchange typewritten messages."

Interpretype is the only product available designed exclusively for the purpose of exchanging typewritten messages.

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