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A private health care provider is reviewing their effective communication plan. They want to ensure that all their services are accessible. How can ITY fit into their plan?

The ITY is an exceptional choice in the health care field. Communication is critical and different means of providing effective communication will vary from person to person and from situation to situation. The ITY can be incorporated into a business' overall communication plan. The health care provider wants to address three levels of communication; brief, intermediate and lengthy. They decide ITY is a perfect solution for their brief and intermediate communications.

A business is opening at the mall prior to a busy shopping season. Since time is an issue and they have no idea what type of communication device will be helpful for their customer service (plus they don't have time to research it) they decide to contact an agency that works with people with disabilities. How can this partnering develop into a quick and effective business plan?

The agency completes the research and finds that the ITY offers many solutions to a variety of businesses. First of all, the 30-day trial period is ideal for a businesses unsure of which equipment will work best. Secondly, the ITY qualifies for tax incentives under the IRS Disability Access Tax Credit. This eventually helped the business offset the cost, once they decided to purchase the ITY.

A car dealer has a request for a sign language interpreter from a customer who would like to look at cars at the dealership. She mentioned that she is not looking to make a purchase at this time. The car dealer explains that they feel an interpreter is not warranted but offers a computer device that help facilitate the communication. Is the business wrong in their response?

The car dealer explains to the customer that when a customer is ready to make a purchase, they will provide an interpreter, upon request. Since looking at cars usually involves shorter conversations, they use the ITY. Also, because the ITY is portable, it can go outside to the car lot. The customer is satisfied with the response and the car dealer has satisfied their requirement to provide effective communication.

A local bank has added two new consulting services; loans and financial management. Because of the nature of their services, they want to ensure that all communication is accurate. They need a device that can assist with face-to-face conversations for someone who has a communication disability. How can ITY match their needs?

The ITY can be installed at a consultant's desk so there can be an exchange of information, face to face. The bank has also decided they'd like to keep a record of all interactions. They learn that not only does the ITY provide communication for someone with a disability, every customer can now receive a document that details their interactions.

Recently a business has initiated a diversity program for employment. Currently, they have no employees who have a disability. How can ITY be part of a business's diversity initiative?

Most cutting edge businesses know that if their employees don't reflect the diversity of their clientele, they will lose credibility, and will be seen as out of touch. When a business is looking to diversify their workforce, they need to keep in mind all of the diversity groups, including those with disabilities. The business above has found that having an ITY can help by enhancing overall customer service, and to effectively market to potential employees their interest in accessibility and a diverse workforce.


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