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Interpretype is the most powerful system for instant conversations between Deaf and Hearing people. Now with hands-free speech recognition for classrooms, lectures and small groups included with every system.

Interpretype STC2.0 Speech-To-Text Communicator

One product offers all these solutions

Whether used as a tool for personal communication or a means of improving service within your workplace or professional organization, Interpretype offers real solutions for those looking to simplify and streamline communication between Deaf and Hearing individuals. Learn more about our various system features by clicking on any of the thumbnails below:

Interpretype C2.0

Face-to-Face Text Messaging  

Every Interpretype system features two Interpretype computers preconfigured with Interpretype software. The computers come paired to each other to enable instant wireless face-to-face text conversations right out of the box.

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Interpretype STC2.0 Speech-to-Text Communicator

Speech-To-Text Communication

Perfect for Deaf individuals in the classroom or on the job, the Speech-to-Text Communicator unites Interpretype software with the most advanced Speech Recognition software available today. Hands-free Speech Recognition for classrooms, lectures and small groups is easy with the included wireless lavalier microphone.

No voice training required. Just pick up the microphone and start talking. With “Pass-the-Mic capability”, anyone in the room can use the speech recognition feature instantly and have their voice streamed into the conversation automatically.

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Long Distance Conversations

Interpretype computers include full featured Windows operating systems with built in video cameras and microphones. Accessing Video Relay Services (VRS) or Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is easy with the included Purple P3 software and Skype. This enables all Interpretype computers to be used as Videophones to place phone calls.

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Interpretype offers innovations and advancements that no other product offers. We invite you to learn more about how your organization can enjoy the best in Deaf-friendly technology

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